Remiro stays involved until the cargo is at my doorstep

Jeroen Rumkorf is responsible for purchasing at Technotape International in Baarn. He has been working with Remiro for twenty years and is happy to explain why.

A shipment full of presents
‘Technotape is the wholesaler for products for printing. Blank mugs, key rings, cans, you name it. We supply the products we print to major brands, which they then offer on the internet as photo gifts. We buy our stuff all over the world. From America, for example, that comes to us by plane. Or from Asia, China by sea freight. All we have to do is place the order. Remiro takes care of all transport and customs matters for us. From the moment we pick it up there – until it arrives here on our doorstep.’

Customs and through
Remiro knows exactly how things work in our trade and I can always switch quickly with them. Especially with issues in all customs matters, it’s top. There’s so much involved in that, which we by no means know everything about. Whatever the issue: I forward the letters blindly to the guys at Remiro. They know the regulations and solve it. In this, too, they take care of everything for us. We are a trading company, so every day counts. Suppose my cargo arrives at the weekend and I want it on Monday, they simply arrange that for me. Without any fuss or bother and that is so nice!’

Normal but different
‘If you are looking for a forwarding agent for international transport and air freight, Remiro is a good one. They can handle everything. I can always put all questions directly to the guys handling my freight. There is no call centre, dial menu or whatever in between. I get them directly on the line and they sort it out for me immediately. And Robert and Michael still pick up the phone even if I call them on a Sunday afternoon. I have been working in logistics for 30 years, but I don’t experience this at other companies. That’s why Remiro is now my home carrier. They are very normal guys, but that makes them slightly different.’

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